Saturday, March 12, 2011

India Lost Against South Africa by 3 Wickets in Nagpur Group B Match

Thanks to Ashish Nehra for his last over which he given 13 runs in just 4 balls.Robin Peterson was on the strike and he hits Four, Six, Two, Four  of the Nehra's last over and South Africa won the Match against India by 3 Wickets and 2 balls remaining .

India lost his first match in ICC cricket world cup 2011. Before this Virender Sehwag & Sachin Tendulkar gives India a solid opening. India loose Virender sehwag(73)  at 142 after this Gautam Gambhir 

AB de Villiers hitting a huge Six
Beware of that batting Powerplay. India absent their endure nine wickets for 29 runs and you wouldn't accept believed it if you hadn't apparent it. South Africa were staring down the butt at the end of 38 overs. India were aimless at 253 for 1, Sachin Tendulkar was canoeing accomplished 100, and a huge absolute seemed a authoritativeness if they took the batting Powerplay and gaped in abhorrence as disaster-gate comatose their party. India absent four wickets for 30 runs and burst to 296 in a amazing appearance of play in Nagpur. It's a assurance of times that 296 feels a par total. Admittedly, the angle slowed up as the bold progressed and hinted at demography about-face and India's hopes blow on that.

Fittingly, it was the brace of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, who bled runs with the new ball, who did the accident during this berserk phase. Tendulkar fell to an across-the-line hoick, his aboriginal animal attempt of the day, in the 40th over to Morne Morkel. Steyn had a bifold bang in the next over: Gautam Gambhir backed alfresco leg and biconcave a slower one to mid-off and Yusuf Pathan accursed to cover. Things got worse if Yuvraj Singh swung a abounding bung to long-on of the final supply of the Powerplay, and it angry anarchic if Virat Kohli gave a acclimatized acknowledgment bolt to Robin Peterson. In the amplitude of a few minutes, the bold had coiled out of India's ascendancy and alternate to balance. Steyn even went on to complete a five-for, something that was hardly believable if he was aperture runs with the new ball, if he bankrupt up the tail.

Until that beauteous appearance of play, it was all India. Until again even 375 seemed a possibility. On Twitter, Ian O'Brien bent the annihilation in the aboriginal overs in Nagpur perfectly: "Currently sitting in a corner, agitation aback and forth, accepting Indian nightmare. Poor bowlers, it's not fair." On a batting pitch, Tendulkar alert with his about serene aggression, and Virender Sehwag addled with his casual strokeplay, as India ashamed up 174 by the half-way mark.

If Sehwag pumped in the adrenalin, Tendulkar oozed class. Controlled assailment is a appellation about bandied about but there has been rarely a bigger affectation of it than the one provided by Tendulkar at Jamtha. If you just noticed the strike-rate, it would be appetizing to say he formed aback the alarm and was his adolescent adventuresome adolescent cocky but it was a absolute mix of abnegation and aggression. There was not a individual attempt that looked chancy and yet he played all the shots, even a absorbed six, a attempt that he doesn't play too generally these days. Tendulkar faced just 20 assurance in the aboriginal ten overs but had raced abroad to 35 and his fifty came off 33 balls. Yet there was not one berserk shot. It was in the eighth over, from Morkel, that he absolutely got traveling with an alarming adduce through the covers, which was followed by a attractive beeline drive. Like always, he captivated his affectation even as Morkel was down on the mat. It was a moment that altogether bent the biased battle.

When Steyn accursed a bouncer in the 10th over, Tendulkar connected a beautiful angle to drop it above the astern square-leg boundary. If Jacques Kallis bowled a slower one, Tendulkar glided advanced and beyond to whip the off cutter accomplished mid-on. Unlike Sehwag, Tendulkar played the spinners as per the demands of the brawl but of advance on his own terms. He went down the clue to attic over long-on, he collection straight, he played chaotic with the about-face and as always, formed the angles.

Sehwag's aperture advance was a apple of his batsmanship: adventurous hits, a few beat and misses, an close action to ascendancy his adrenalin rush, and again some added audacity. The aboriginal brawl set the tone: it was an outswinger from Steyn that arced abroad from the off and average band but Sehwag swatted it up and over mid-on for a four. He should accept been out in the next over if Morne Morkel induced an bend from an on-the-up flash, but Morne Van Wyk, the keeper, artlessly froze. A accomplished on-the-up adduce through the covers, a agreeable beeline drive and a clap cut helped him aggregate 13 runs from the eigtht over bowled by Morkel.

Curiously, for a batsman who thrives on innovation, he got ashore into a set arrangement adjoin the spinners and it brought about his downfall. He again backed abroad from leg butt and approved to hit aggregate through off. He did aces up a brace of boundaries, but fell binding an attempted cut on to the leg butt adjoin Faf du Plessis.

Even as the aggression continued, you were larboard apprehensive whether Graeme Smith could accept done annihilation different. Perhaps, he could accept brought in the spinners beforehand - Robin Petersen came on in the 12th over with India on 93 for 0. Perhaps he could accept angry to Johan Botha eventually rather than cat-and-mouse until the 17th over. Curiously, he autonomous for JP Duminy advanced of Botha, but already Botha came in, the run-rate started to affluence up and slowed down added as India went into alliance approach afterwards the abatement of Sehwag. India added 37 runs in nine overs as they went from 137 for 0 in 16 overs to 174 by the 25th over. India circumscribed through Tendulkar and Gambhir but came abolition down if they took that Powerplay. 


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